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[ Monday, November 17, 2003 ]

Push That Bush
Starbuck [22:28] Comments: 0 []
I was just looking to delete some of the ATNotes that are cluttering up my screen (if you've not got an electronic Post-It note system installed on your PC, then get to it NOW, chums - you can make the contents of your monitor screen as stress-inducing as the rest of yer workplace!)

Jeez, I've got jotted-down URL's coming out of my ears on this thing, and I don't know why I've got most of 'em. For example, Passagen. I don't know what a Passagen is, my Icelandic not being what it was, if it is even Icelandic (its been a long time since I was in Scan Soc at University); and I sure as hell don't know why its URL is sitting on my desktop.

However, wot with El Presidente Bush's controversial state visit to Britain happening this week, I feel its my public duty to bring attention to the Passagen-page where you can warp Dubya's face to your heart's content. Stunningly fun. Fostora, Dra and Forminska that face til it hurts... ugh! Just don't Forminska Georgie's eyes into tiny brown iceholes - you'll never sleep soundly again.

Pummell lots more stars-in-Scandinavia HERE. Or turn Britney Spears into a very realistic Jabba The Hutt as well. Satisfying stuff. For the very bored.

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