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[ Thursday, November 13, 2003 ]

Revolutions - an alternate view
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I have to say that Revs was poor poor poor. It sure didn’t blow me away. I have been containing my thoughts on this for a while as I was waiting for the Blogmesiter to post his first, being a gentleman and all.

To address everyone’s comments all in one go, in no particular order.

There were other sunshine scenes, when Neo first came out of the train station and went to see the Oracle – in the car and in the oracle’s flat.

What was the point of the train station (the name of it was an anagram of Limbo – isn’t that just BRILLIANT!?!) I have read that it showed that programs have feelings too, which I suppose it did, but the whole idea of it being a link between the machine world and the Matrix didn’t seem to me to “work” intuitively, whereas, for instance, the white corridors in Reloaded, again pictorial representations of the back workings of it all, did, somehow. The train man, the station, etc were not exploited at all after the opening and that just seemed throwaway. And anyway, how did Neo end up there in the first place?

I’m going to use that word again – “intuitively” – in so many ways the film didn’t work at that level. It felt like there were holes, unplugged gaps, meaningless asides that didn’t progress anything. Back to the station – Neo is in there not jacked in. how will he escape, build up, build up, one quick scene with the Merowotsit (“your choice Merv” – sweet jesus!) and he’s out – no decent build up, again hopelessly paced (as the last third of the Reloaded was).

AND, after "Trin" (oh take me now let it end) rescues Neo, he goes straight to the Oracle, sees her, and then you ahve the scene of him being un-jacked with everyone around him. HE WAS NEVER JACKED IN! Explain that AND DO NOT SAY THERE WAS A MISSING SCENE THAT THEY DID NOT BOTHER TO SHOW BECAUSE THAT DOESN'T CUT IT.

Attack on Zion – is it only me who thought it looked a bit like loads of Lego? Very good Lego, mind. Again, the tension build up was all a bit odd and didn’t feel right.

As to the idea that it’s justified and perfectly okay to splurt out tons of gobbledegook in Reloaded and then not resolve any of it – how can that EVER be described as a strength? Name me a book or other story where that’s happened and it’s been hailed as a masterpiece. Sure, we don’t need to be spoon (ooh – ha ha) fed, but it’s just cheating. It’s “we’re trying to convince everyone that we intended a trilogy when the fact of the matter is we have no idea how to resolve any of this”. If they do a fourth, I’ll take the effing blue pill. (I know that doesn’t work, quite, but you get the idea).

And Harvey, what’s all this “I don’t think what they’ve told us is actually true”? Eh? Again, when do you finish a book where the hero gets the gal and wanders off in the sunset, and say to yourself “well, obviously he ACTUALLY got killed in the penultimate chapter” – when, and how on earth, do you come to such a conclusion ordinarily? It’s trying to justify to yourself poor storytelling.

I think we have to take the ending at face value don’t we, and accept that the final conversation is one that actually happens and represents the actual situation. BUT if so


Why on earth would the humans accept that position, knowing that those who did not want to be released would continue to be enslaved? It jus’ don’t fit.

More bad pacing – 1 and a half hours of talking, battles, grrrr, machines will never stop, grrr, argghhh, “oh can you get rid of Smith” “oh of course can we have peace” “oh yes of course” the end. Rubbish.

Final fight dull, but good for the superhero references.

For all that, however, some (genuinely intrigued) questions-

Was Neo the One in terms of just being the opposite of Smith, and Smith’s assimilation of Neo had the effect of cancelling Smith out? If so, it’s kinda self fulfilling, as without Neo killing Smith in one, Smith could not have come back (again that’s never really explained except as this balancing thing) and so Neo destroys his opposite and it’s all sorted – so if there had never been a Neo there would never have been a Smith, so there would never have been an opportunity to stop the war – hmmm I suppose that’s "causality" innit?

(PS to say that littering so called profiund stuff and justifying it "because iwas meant to" or "because i was told taht i would" is cod philosophising is an insult to cod.)

Or did the machine implant something in Neo that destroyed Smith (note a cut scene to the machine and it looking like the jack was turned and Neo flinched). If so, then Neo was only the one as a vessel to convey that code to Smith. I only say this because someone I saw it with came away with exactly that reading of it.

Actually, I have to say that I’ve thought about it loads and loads, which is more than you get out of most movies but cannot shift the massive disappointment I felt at the end. Sorry. I’ll obviously see it at the IMAX, mind. They have, however, f***** the franchise. T3 was better - now THAT'S a film with a daring, un-American ending.

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