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[ Saturday, November 15, 2003 ]

#Under the Big Bright Yellow Sun#
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During my visit to London, I went to see The Weather Project, Olafur Eliasson's massive instillation in the Tate Modern (some nice images of which can be clicked through from HERE.)

It was truly awesome, in the truest sense of the word. I felt both humbled and awestruck, which isn't bad going when its a "believe nothing" atheist who ends up feeling compelled to worship before the sun god! This thing had a deeply-reaching impact on me. It really brought it home to me, just how totally at one with the rest of the human raceI felt, but also how very much aware I am of our insignificant place in the universe. We looked like insects!

It was just so... special.

The Turbine Hall, full of people, families, friends, loners, young, old - all seeming so peaceful, so transported away from the normal concerns of the modern world, the trivia and the shit that beats us down. People playing with their children, or lieing on the floor, gazing up at themselves in the mirrorred ceiling so far away (a bizarre experience that I can only descibe as seeing oneself in Grand Theft Auto 1 (or 2) - so far away, an out-of-body experience, but its you all the same; you and all the others, all part of the same species, doing the same thing, seeing yourselves as you've never seen yourselves before, distant but equal. So easy to get lost deep in thought. But equally difficult preventing that delirious laughter of the truly contended from escaping to the surface.

There was so much to appreciate. The distance of humanity in the ceiling - this was the thing that really did it for me. Or the technical marvel of the magnificent artifical sun, blazing through the mists at one end of the hall. The humanity of a shared, wonderful experience. Seeing the world washed with colour in a manner that just wasn't quite natural, as if light-sourced in some very real computer game. Seeing the look of wonderment on faces, gazing up as if at something fantastic - angels, or aliens.

This is what modern art is about. Something that speaks to the philistines such as me. Something I can't ignore. Truly brilliant.

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