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[ Monday, December 01, 2003 ]

All About Your Editor
Starbuck [21:01] Comments: 0 []
The Dieticians' Manager Yaz (and her Plastic Population) are currently threatening to sue me over my publishing back in July of the lyrics to our Death Metal classic Death! I'm scared.

By way of recompensation, I'm going to submit myself to an intensive piece of interrogation that she's emailed at me. Its actually one of those annoying little quizes that bloggers seem to like. But rather than the Friday Five, this is going to be The Monday Mundanity. Or something equally witty.

Anyone not interested just click HERE to skip straight over to my LotR post. That's the lot of you, then.

Here goes.

a.. Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Yes, too many times. I prefer to call it sleep.
b.. Put a body part on fire for amusement: I used to set fire to my hair at regular intervals. DJ Tim used to help.
c.. Kept a secret from everyone: Yes.
d.. Wanted to hook up with a friend : Yes, and I'm living with her now!
e.. Ever thought an animated character was hot?: What heterosexual male can't have fancied Jessica Rabbit?
f.. Had a New Kids on the Block tape: No NKOTB in my history. Mel and Kim in their place.
g.. Been on stage: Yup, was hypnotised by Derren Brown, and was a regular Gang Show-er with the Cub Scouts (not Gary Glitter).
a.. Shampoo: Tesco's "Revitalize" Head & Shoulders rip-off
b.. Soap: Tesco's Value 4 for 22p
c.. Colour: Lilac
d.. Day/Night: Night and Day, the TV show
e.. Summer/Winter: What about flicking Autumn?
f.. Lace or satin: This is all a bit girly, innit?
g.. Fave TV series: East3nders, Robot Wars (heh!), Room 101
h.. Fave Food: Stir-fried beansprouts & potatoes with lashings of soy sauce
i.. Fave Advert: R Whites Lemonade
j.. Fave Movie : Fight Club
k.. Wearing: green shirt, blue tie, black trousers, blue badge
l.. Eating: Pizza (in 5 minutes)
m.. Hair is: Short in all the wrong places, too long in others at present
n.. Drinking: Water
o.. Thinking about: Why I started this stoopid quiz
p.. Listening to: Radiohead - Hail To The Thief
q.. Talking to : You
This sections just too boring for words. Cut.
a.. Yourself: Yes, like Mr C from the Shamen
b onwards.. Another rubbish section - I believe in science and the power of humanity to overcome it's weaknesses. One day. Not ghosts. Or angels.

Oh bugger it, I can't be arsed.

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