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[ Friday, November 28, 2003 ]

Death to False Metal
Stuart [11:29] Comments: 0 []
What a man Dave Grohl is. Not content with making my whole life when he played drums with Queens of the Stone Age at the tiny Mean Fiddler last year, he has now started his own underground death thrash metal combo outfit called Probot. Who are no doubt awful. But no matter, he enlivened my thirst for silly music because last night I walked into HMV, the absolute anti-dingy record shoppe of yore, and saw the first Probot release, a 7 inch vinyl limited to 6,666 (geddit?) copies and I bought it. With my own money. Memories came flooding back of buying albums in Scorpion Records in High Wycombe just because I liked the covers when I was 16 – Leeway, Excel, Uncle Slam, Suicidal Tendencies, Nuclear Assault; all those dubious bands of my youth – ahhh.

I was so wrapped up in emotion that I was compelled to phone My Illustrious Leader and tell him about it. He was well impressed, I could tell.

So there we are, what’s a blog for but to endlessly relate your boring emotions and inconsequential life experiences to an uninterested public?

Now, all I need to do is buy a record player, and I’d be able to LISTEN to the single as well!

Anyway, wanna know more? Click here: Probot Guff

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