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[ Friday, November 28, 2003 ]

BBC vs Pop Culture
Starbuck [19:43] Comments: 0 []
All New Top Of The Pops is on the telly as I type. Now I'm not going to get bigly critical about it right now - the TV's in the other room, and I feel I can't pass judgement on the current state of this BBC fossil on the basis of some muffled audio coming through the doorway (though it does look pretty shite the few times I've walked past it to replenish my beer, and the presenter's a smug berk - no, wait, he's from MTV, he can't help that.)

No, my problem is with the fact that they've prefixed the Top Of The Pops bit with "All New". Don't the Beeb executives (Andi "Edd the Duck" Peters in this case) realise that "All New" equates in in the viewers mind with "We're Desperate Please Keep Watching This Stale Piece Of Crud We Beseech Thee".

Let's look at the evidence - The All New Popeye Show - desperate (though Popeye always was a git through and through, who deserved a good kicking off Bluto. With an anvil.) The All New Scooby And Scrappy Show - this particular dead horse had already been flogged repeatedly, so here comes the steam-roller to crush the sucker flat; though at least the lovely Daphne returned for this one. Phwoar! All New You've Been Framed - this was actually an improvement on the previous travesties, if you ignore the actual clips, and the fact that the repeats aren't exactly all-new. The All New Pink Panther Show - OK, that had Crazylegs Crane in it, much better than The Ant And The Aardvark.

OK, this argument's going nowhere, and its all pretty futile anyway. Who flicking cares, Starbuck. Most of the aforementioned examples are ancient fracking kids cartoons. And we already know the BBC have no idea about mainstream music shows - just look at the inferiority of Fame Academy when sized-up against Pop Idol. Nothing new. Nothing interesting. I must now make a decision - whether to click Delete Post, or whether to Publish and be damned.

Damn me.

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