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[ Saturday, November 29, 2003 ]

VSX band meeting
Starbuck [14:03] Comments: 0 []
Well, not quite. But Commander Aardvark, leader of our time-travelling musical combo, made the long trek up from Bournemouth last night, accompanied by the lovely Abi. Also present was Matt, the notorious Hormone Hell lawn-mower-murderer himself, and the lovely Miok, both of whom travelled back from Korea to be there (amongst other things).

Some advice from Aardvark for the website - "put a new logo on - make it futuristic, with a big X splashed across it; and some stuff about Viper Squad Ten itself would help". The former I'll get DJ Tim onto, once he's finished botching together C4's digital Teletext service. The latter I'll cover here - VSX the Band - they're grayte! Give us your fracking money.

Its always funny meeting up with your mates you made at school, decades down the line. It makes you realise how you're never going to grow up. You're just going to be the same old childish pratts that you always were. And that's the way I like it.

Matters weren't helped last night by our visit to Robbins Well, a happy-atmosphered and just-grotty-enough Scream pub. The happy atmosphere was understandable - they were almost giving the drinks away, they were so cheap. Everyone there except for us looked like 15 year olds, and I tend to forget that I'm twice that age when I'm berking around a student pub, doing my Dad's Dance or whatever...

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