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[ Sunday, November 30, 2003 ]

Orisinal - web games for all.
Starbuck [16:01] Comments: 0 []
Sweet bliss! The last couple of days, I've been sampling the delights of, a truly wonderful collection of delightful web-games. The whole thing is so beautifully presented - its a pleasure just trailing your cursor across the index page. It's a pastel-shaded haven of natural peace amongst the brash noise of cyberspace (if you will).

Although not all of the games are triple A standard, I've found that the good majority of those I've tried to be engaging and some, dare I say it, moving. I'll leave you to discover the best of them - I don't want to deprive you of any of the joys of discovery...

Each game's foundation is a well-executed simple and accessible idea. When combined with some dreamily artistic visuals and, that rarity for web-games, music that is well composed and never out-of-place.

Its good to see a site that looks and feels like a piece of art, as well as housing a diverse collection of unique gameplay content. Its the sort of thing that my grandparents could enjoy as much as my 5-year old nephew. It certainly brings back for me that sense of innocent happiness that is the preserve of childhood.

My internet now feels like a much wider and warmer place!

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