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[ Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ]

The end of canned chopped and pressed pork products in my diet?
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I've noticed that over the last few days my many Hotmail accounts have been receiving much less junk mail, so I thought I'd head over to the webmail site to see if there's been any massive breakthroughs in the fight against spam. I normally use Outlook Express to read my hotmail, so I hadn't noticed the latest changes to the Hotmail website. I must say there's a few progressions that have impressed me. (This is probably ancient news to anyone out there who cares, and boring with it, but please humour me. I care about this stuff. Sadly. In fact, scrub that - go and make a cup of tea, and press Page-Down a few times. Still reading? OK, you deserve this. Try not to fall asleep at the keyboard.)

Mostly, the fact that, further than just blocking addresses or domains which rain down a torrent of the unwanted meaty stuff onto you, is the fact that you can now specifically report junk mail at the same time as you block the buggers.

Being able to import my bulging Windows address book into Hotmail itself is a bonus, in junk-mail prevention terms at least. However the greenback-hungry powers-that-be at Micro$oft will surely act to remove OE-compatability before too long as they phase it out - maybe that's why they're ensuring we import our contacts in readiness (to be cynical). If they do, then gadzooks! The swines! I will finally have the motive to switch to a more secure free email client instead.

Incidentally, as well as receiving less junk mail, I've been receiving a helluvalot less "normal" emails. I hope this is just due to some unthinking slight to my friends that I may have committed, rather than Hotmail zapping all their emails at emergence...

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