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[ Wednesday, December 10, 2003 ]

Bernie Winters
Starbuck [19:21] Comments: 0 []
I've somewhat lost the joys of winter tonight. I've got cold feet and a runny nose. Not even The Darkness' Christmas single, whirring away on my internal Christmas jukebox, can extricate from my self that longing for those long, hot summers days.

Not helping tonight is that our house's radiators seem to need a good weeks notice of any particularly cold snap (note: exageration) - they're like some momentum-dragged oil tanker (sort of) - they take hours to get going in the first place, but once they're firing away full steam, you can't cool the buggers down for love nor money (not that I've tried love nor money on them). Maybe I shouldn't have turned them right down just as the country freezes-over.

I think a trip to the cinema would warm my cockles up. Yes. A trip to the Coventry Skydome to see a nice romantic chick-flick with my loved-one. Something cosy, I think. Something nice. Something like Kill Bill Volume 1.... I'm off.

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