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[ Sunday, December 14, 2003 ]

Viper Squad confusion
Starbuck [13:39] Comments: 0 []
(still rambling on about Kill Bill...)

Please don't get us confused with the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad - I've got no beef with anyone (apart from Burger King), and I don't really want to be eliminated. And as far as I know, they're not going to be revealed to be a time-travelling musical combo in Volume 2 (though after From Dusk Til Dawn's big twist, I wouldn't put it past Tarantino).

And likewise, don't confuse me with Lieutenant Starbuck, the best damn Viper pilot in the Galactica fleet.

I'm also not a DJ (tried it, shite at it), or part of an online Quake (or something) clan - my one attempt at playing Quake 3 Team Arena online involved my character Bait standing motionless in the corner, handicapped by a woeful connection, being fragged and taunted in equal measures.

All these other Viper Squad chancers, littering the web with their data - give it up, it's over. THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE VIPER SQUAD!

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