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[ Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ]

What penalty?
Starbuck [17:58] Comments: 0 []
I just can't understand people who advocate the death penalty. Now we've got George Bush stating that he'd like to see Saddam Hussain executed.

Isn't the problem with the world, and this very much includes his aggressive sabre-rattling brand of conservatism, the problem of being people being ruled by their emotions rather than actually bothering to think about the matters in hand. These people who are controlled by their selfishness, their self-regard, their beliefs, their anger - these BARBARIANS - the world doesn't need them as politicians. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of this selfish, scared, jealous, brainwashed world think they need them, they think they WANT them as their politicans. Christ, the developed world makes me despair. And that's nothing compared to the poor sods living in the DEVELOPING world.

Anyway, why I started this rant, was just to say this - isn't the death penalty an easy way out? End it all in an instant - pull the plug on the mind, end all suffering the way we end a sick dog's life? Surely that'd be doing him a favour? Or keep him locked up for evermore, take away his freedom, and make him suffer within the confines of his own mind until he takes his naturally-final breath?

I know which punishment I'd dread the most.

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