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[ Sunday, December 14, 2003 ]

#Bits and pieces, bits and pieces#
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I'm just catching up on some valuable reading-time for my old favourite blogs that are sitting in the links list over there on the right, something I don't get nearly enough time to do. And as a generous service for you, my humble reader, here's a few tasty blog morsels that I've been enjoying suckling on recently.

There's a heart-warming little story (plus ever-so-cute photographs) over on "...Contender" about the conquering of an air-force base by an army of seals. Ahhh! I feel all doe-eyed. And hungry.

Something that made me chuckle to myself (silently and without motion) was this ever-so-slightly-amusing reinterpretation of the London Tube map (Heathrow station note: what've they got against John Gorman - he was fabbio on Tiswas - gits). Link spotted on BoingBoing.

And then there's Psychopong v1.0, which has left me in no end of trouble with the previously simple task of negotiating my computer screen. In the words of The Prodigy - "My brain is glowing. Waaaaah.". Now I know how disorientated Neo&Co must've felt post brain-retrain. Brilliantly simple (just like Keanu). Yet another link stolen from The One Known As Tam - thanks. But no thanks as well, as I've had to rewrite this fracking piece three times now, due to the necessary installation of a newer version of the Shockwave Player plugin callously steering my browser away from the Blogger website. Again. ANGER! And FRUSTRATION! DESPAIR!

So there you go. The whole gamut of emotions, the full human experience, covered in a few blog links. Don't say this website doesn't fulfil your every requirement for emotional sustenance.

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