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[ Saturday, December 20, 2003 ]

Nothing can stop me now...
Starbuck [01:45] Comments: 0 []
... cos I don't care anymore.

Not strictly true.

(Current titled Playlist: live stuff from Nine Inch Nails on "And All That Could Have Been" - a big improvement on the last few days purely internal mix of tunes from the popular Lemmings computer game, "Rock Me Amadeus" by the popular dead Austrian gentleman Falco, and "Be Faithful" by popular fat man Fatman Scoop feat Crooklyn Clan.)

I sat down tonight to vent some anger on this blog. I hardly ever write here as a cathartic experience - I kind of keep this blog quarantined away from a lot of me - but tonight was going to be your chance, loyal reader(s), to see the placid Starbuck blow a gasket (whatever one of those may be).

The pain of people close to me, mixed in with the impotence I feel when faced with the frustratingly messed-up wider world just out of my immediate reach, and shaken up with a bottle of Bowmore Scotch - aaargh! - I was practically going to puke angst all over your monitor.

But alas, dandys and wenches, being connected to you in electronic-spirit has eased my would-be-soul, and you will hopefully have a long wait before this blog strays from its mission (promoting the band Viper Squad Ten) into purely self-indulgent territory. Whaddya mean its already happened...

I used to write god-awful poems as a cathartic experience. Glad none of that's in cyberspace.
I also used to spend hours drawing my emotions. But now I've found a better way - let Google picture it for you - with Google Images definition of "anger". Thanks, Google.

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