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[ Saturday, January 17, 2004 ]

Snestrum - videogame cross-fertilisation
Starbuck [19:17] Comments: 0 []
After my previous post, I am now going to further alienate (or should that be Alien 8?) anyone scraping across this web-page who happens to hold absolutely no interest in the downloading of homebrew remakes of computer games that originally appeared on now-obsolete games machines. So that'll be most of you youngsters, then.

But this one has its own special place in gaming nostalgia. Its Super Mario Pac - the bastard progeny of Ultimate and Nintendo. Using the gaming architecture and basic mechanics of the Spectrum classic Jet Pac, it replaces the sterile moon setting of the original with the characters, locations and audio effects from the SNES' Super Mario World. Mario uses "Fludd" (Super Mario Sunshine) as his jet-pac and laser replacement, and pipe pieces and plant poison replace Jet Pac's rocket sections and fuel pods.

I say that its really rather joyous, and you should all download it now (unless you don't use Windows). And remember, kids - its what I say that counts. If I say its a wonderfully playable but m?lange of 8 and sixteen bit nostalgia, then it is. Know your place, muddyfunsters.

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