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[ Thursday, February 05, 2004 ]

# This is what you want... this is what you get #
Starbuck [19:12] Comments: 0 []
I'm gutted that John Lydon has walked out of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. He was by far the most interesting and amusing thing about this years c-list extravaganza. He made me larf so much! Now we're stuck with the rotten situation of "page 3 blow-up balloon" Jordan rubbing her pheromones off on dog-on-heat Peter Andre without any of Johnny's grit to aggravate their pre-coital displays. (Or should that be post-coital - whatever happened under the covers t'other night? And as for his physiological reaction to it, caught on grimey night-vision camera footage HERE (or HERE for you high-bandwith perverts)... well I'm glad that I wasn't watching it with my granny. Thank fruck my Windows Media Player is being a fracking clint, as Johnny would say, and not letting me see anything.)

Still, maybe its for the best. I'm going to have to suffer from an enforced break from television as of tomorrow for just over a week or so, and with Lydon out of the camp, I don't feel that I'll be missing much...

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