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[ Tuesday, March 30, 2004 ]

Firefox - browsing by stealth!
Starbuck [20:45] Comments: 0 []
I was just poking around in Third Daughter's SiteMeter stats after discovering myself to be her 2000th visitor, and I discovered something suprising.

Now I'm nowadays thoroughly dedicated to Mozilla Firefox for my internet browsing needs - not only is it much more user friendly than Internet Explorer, its a whole lot more stable, fast, and (presumably) secure. Oh, and its free to download, and has nothing to do with M$, blah blah blah.

One of its most handy everyday advantages over IE is tabbed browsing. Right-click the Bookmarks toolbar to create a new folder containing all of your favourite web-sites, then select "open in tabs", and before you know it, 20 different websites commence downloading before your very eyes. Sleek.

However, it seems that opening a site in new tabs, or even opening a site in a whole new Firefox window, won't reveal to the new website from which site the reader has just arrived from (at least in version 0.8).

Which is generally a very good thing, given everyone's concerns about internet privacy. Brilliant, even. Unless you're someone like me, a stoopid member of the blogging community, who is so damn polite (or insecure!) that they want their fellow bloggers to be able to trace from where they've been referred from. Some of us are never happy.

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