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[ Friday, March 05, 2004 ]

An observation on game-immersion turns into a right load of llobox before your very eyes
Starbuck [13:10] Comments: 0 []
I think I've lived and breathed too many computer games during my formative years. They've become the kernel of my audio-visual programming, the very essence of my sensory core.

I was sitting in a toilet cubicle at work earlier, and in the cubicle next to me was a Zombie Guy, escaped from the code of Doom; the eerie sound of a zombie which hadn't been alerted to my presence. At least, that's what the gutteral heavy breathing sounded just like. And the staple-gun on my photocopier sounds identical to one of the eight-legged nasties (the Spider Mastermind / Arachnotron). Scares the hell out of me.

But not as much as the geese down by the lake where I've just my lunch, which lumber relentlessly towards onself, fully erect (as it were) and full of malicious intent, looking like those bad-ass chickens from Chuckie Egg.

I look at buildings and landscapes, and I see geometries, vectors, polygons, gouraud shading, texture mapping, bump-mapping and specular reflecting, all light sourced or surrounded by a haze of particle effects. I dream in digital.

I can only imagine what effect full-on virtual immersion will have on our world view when technology lets it loose on us. I would say that it 'd facilitate the evolution of our concept of self to itself evolve. But I'd sound like an idiot.

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