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[ Tuesday, May 04, 2004 ]

G - A - H!
Starbuck [00:12] Comments: 0 []
Grrrr. A temporary moment of carharthis, a momentary venting of spleen, as I write, here and now, that right now, I HATE BLOGING!

Or, rather, I hate the blog entry I've been trying to write this evening. I started it early evening, before heading out to the pub. Upon my return, head slightly fuzzy, I set about amending and adding to it - it was something important, and it needed proper justice done to it. It needed nurture. But it got complicated. Old versions got copied and pasted into the wrong place, raw live text on the Blogger webpage got accidentally deleted, and now I'm back to the bog-standard draft of the first paragraph, with all the wisdom and carefully-crafted intricate beauty of the piece lost forever...

I guess I should stick to guerrilla-blogging in the future. Beautific artistic creation sucks donkeys.

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