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[ Sunday, April 25, 2004 ]

Nice to see you, to see you nice.
Starbuck [22:25] Comments: 0 []
Ah, what a fine weekend its been.

Myself and Mrs Forsythe have managed to track down missing-in-action VSX sub-editor DJ Tim and his one-lettered beau, J, hiding out in the borough of Ealing; we wasted no time in setting up a new London base there. In fact, I'd say that all their base is belong to us, except that would be horribly net meme-y stoopid and geeky, so I won't. And we reached the heights of geekiness today, as we competed with the Heathrow flightpath airspace of their roof in a very enjoyable game of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit.

I may be stating the bleeding obvious here, but it's always so good to catch up with my old friends from "elsewhere", especially now that I see them so infrequently. And Saturday afternoon was just that opportunity, with the chance to bus in ten London-heads (copyright comedy Brumme-London geezer Mike "Streets" Skinner) plus one Coventrian and one South Korean, to the newly-refurbished and no-longer shite Strand Pitcher & Piano. Its a shame that, despite being in the pub for a good 7 hours, there still wasn't time to catch up with everyone properly, but thats life, I guess. It was just rather lovely to see familiar faces face-to-face with fellow friend's familiar faces (not wanting to mince words); to see people you care about deeply come together, to see the sparkle on those rare opportunities that their friendship sets overlap in the Venn diagram of life. Or something. It made me feel very loved and very loving, but not in a naughty way.

The other VSX sub-editor Stu was also in attendance, though his memories of the evening are apparently not so in attendance, the old boozer. Just to spite us he'd just been to see Kill Bill Volume 2, and just to spite us even more, he's given Me & Mrs P a Kill Bill Vol. 2 poster as an engagement gift... the swine! Just to let the wind out of his inviteable review, he "didn't reckon it was as good as the first one." Hah, take that, sub-editor!

Talking of engagements, I am pleased to announce that my old Bristol muckers Sarah & Alex have got engaged. Sarah had already informed me of this without me even realising back on 26 February, when she left a Comment on this blog... I had no idea the "Sarah" in question was "my Sarah", not thinking that my "normal friends" would be reading my musings, let alone Commenting on them. The result: a slightly muted and awkward "Congratulations" as I wondered who the hell this "Sarah" (who hadn't filled out the blog field) was. Starbuck = berk.

And whilst I'm congratulating fellow engagees, I don't think I've electronically congratulated Matt & Miok yet, so three cheers to you also.

Jeez, if I'm not careful, this will turn into some sort of horrible dedication section for all the Lovers out there. My faithful core audience will be clicking off in droves. So I'm out of here, all you sweet and lovely people...

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