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[ Monday, April 19, 2004 ]

A quick splurge...
Starbuck [18:17] Comments: 0 []
Quickly I type, but slowly I think... the end of the working day after the end of the weekend, and my brain is devolving to primordial levels...

a varied weekend... a double birthday party for my niece and brother - her first, his thirty-something, allowed me to stop pretending to be an adult, and revert to my true mental age (about six, I'd guess)... oh the fun of doing rubbish magic shows and rubbish impressions for non-judgemental... oh the fun of not trying to be anything but a senseless stream of conciousness... pre-maturity - its where I'll always be most comfortable.

What else, whilst I'm rambling. My girlfriend's current status as a phlegm-factory? Not that she ever reads these words, but I'm sure she wouldn't want the world to hear about the rumblings in her lungs, much as she wouldn't have wanted me to regail you with stories of me helping her puke into bin-liners the other week after not being slow enough with the sloe gin. So I'll leave her yellow and green rafts well alone.

More ramblings... What Lies Beneath on the telly last night... I know Sub-editor Stu always says how scary it was, and I'd have to agree... not because of any ghosts or whatnot - oh, OK, up to a point, but even more so because you'd nevery expect DELETED to have DELETED the DELETED he had DELETED and to suddenly DELETED DELETED in such a scary style. Indiana DELETED as DELETED - it shat me up big-time!

(Some of the above paragraph has been masked on behalf of those new to the film, not wanting to deplete their enjoyment when DELETED turns out to DELETED.)

And now, as my workday comes to an end, I run out of the building to get to the cinema in time, so as to see yet another film 6 months after everyone else, Elephant.

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