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[ Thursday, April 22, 2004 ]

Gee mail!
Starbuck [19:32] Comments: 0 []
In Google
We Trust
As an active Blogger user, so my Blogger front page tells me, I have been selected to trial Google's new GMail service.

Now I've not blogged (on my pages at least) about this before, which is odd, because when I first heard about it, all the way back on 1st April 2004, I started dancing around like a mad thing, I was so excited. FREE 1000 MEG OF WEBMAIL, IN THE TRUSTED HANDS OF THE GOOGLE-GUYS! YIP YIP YIP! I duly signed my name on the dotted line from Google's website, and that was that.... nothing more.

I vaguely followed the supposed furore of the privacy implications of targeted ads ("woah, I'm so frucking scared" he thinks with his fingers with a sarcastic flourish), and listened endlessly to uninformed media idiots bigging-up a story that they thought would grab the techno-savvy "young audience" by the balls, but the whole thing pissed me off somewhat, as I didn't give a flick about these so-called "invasions of my privacy". Who should I trust - the Google behemoth (even taking into accounts its imminent stock exchange listing), or those Hotmail charlatans (who once listed EVERYONE by default in a spam-magnet directory, unless they chanced upon the option to change it)? Not much choice there. Still, I heard nothing more...

Until now, that is. Nothing to do with my registration from their site, I presume, as the trial is probably something that any half-arsed Blogger user is being offered, but I'm in all the same, and once again I've been dancing around the house like a mad thing, much to the bemusement and amusement of my girlfriend. Cue air-trumpet.

Its got a nice format - not so strangely enough, it looks pretty much like the rest of the Google branded websites, especially since the recent redesign - lots of white space, a few slabs of blue, quick and easy, unintrusive and intuitive. I've done a quick test sending mail to and from one of my Hotmail accounts - took a few minutes for my Hotmail to pick up the message, but the reply to GMail was fairly instantaneous. Externally-hotlinked images were disabled by default, but appeared in a millisecond at the touch of a button. Another nice little touch (for stat berks like me) is the way it tells you exactly how long ago the message was sent. Plus, I'm early enough to get a decent account name. Sorted.

Hopefully, some day soon my Hotmail accounts, always so close to being toppled over their capacity by friends' "comedic pictures", will be a thing of the past. I've now just got to look into, or look for, or maybe wait for, an email client that'll allow me POP3 access to it - I cherish being able to check my mail archives in Outlook.

And, G-sus, 1 Meg of storage... that's as much as a sixth of the free storage space I've got left on my OWN computer! Niiiiiice.

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