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[ Wednesday, May 19, 2004 ]

Gopher's hole
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VSX's Sub-Editor Stu maintains, a mite controversially considering he contributes to a blog, that bloggers are nothing but failed would-be journalists. And re-reading through some of the guff that has silted up my Archives over the past year, maybe he has a point.

Some people weren't meant to write, but do. Some people were meant to write, but don't. And some, such as I, straddle the two Venn sectors like an ungainly blog donkey.

One person who was meant to maintain a blog, but doesn't, is my old globetrotting pal Kev, who has entertained his friends over the last few years with his highly amusing and well-written emails from around the world, but did not know what a blog was. Ahh, sweet innocence!

I mention this for two reasons.

One: I have had his kind permission to set up a blog for him, where I'll be archiving his entertaining missives for the world's benefit. (Or, once he sees how easy this new-fangled "blogging" lark is, hopefully I'll be able to offload all the hard work onto the author). More news when/if I get round to it.

Two: It is a very roundabout way of thanking him for the following link, to the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum (from Travel Email 28 blah blah blah).

From the University of Calgary newsletter:
Torrington, Alberta (pop. 192) is an idyllic prairie town an hour northeast of Calgary. Surrounded by rolling grassland, it has the typical small town amenities; a nondescript post office, hair salon, restaurant, and general store with one rusty gas pump.

It has also generated a fantastic amount of controversy over the last four years due to the presence of the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum.

About the size of an RV, Torrington Gopher Hole Museum features stuffed gophers (actually, "Richardson's Ground Squirrels) posed to resemble the townspeople. Exhibits include gophers dressed as a priest, bank robber, RCMP officer, duck hunter, firefighter, and beautician, among others. Dressed in elaborate costumes and framed by elaborately painted backdrops, the gophers pose in cabinets, their glassy eyes indifferent to the media attention they provoke and the letters pouring in on their behalf.

Some fantastic pictures. And if Des Kelly from the Mirror happens to be reading this, its not a hoax!

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