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[ Wednesday, May 05, 2004 ]

Of Mice and Jebba
Starbuck [23:14] Comments: 0 []
These pages used to be a lot more political than they are nowadays. It's ironic that as I myself have become more and more politicised, this web-site's political and sociological content seems to have faded, without any concious decision to "self-censure".

I guess I've been leaving the cause of spreading the Truth up to greater, more eloquent, more committed minds than I. So I was very disappointed to find out that Disney are doing their best to block Miramax giving Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 an American cinema release. (Moore's own early thoughts on this can be found HERE.)

I'm not suprised. I've never liked that Mickey Mouse, murine Head of Disney. He's a corrupt corporate rodent, and is no doubt worried that Jeb Bush might block his supply of cheese.

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