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[ Monday, May 10, 2004 ]

All New Blogger
Starbuck [21:11] Comments: 0 []
Hmmm, this blog is being brought to you by the All New Blogger.

Things I like - built in flexible Comments, opening up an individual post on its own Post Page, MT-style (though I'll stick with Haloscan for now) - very nice, should I get round to turning Post Paging on. More HTML & CSS formatting support as well. And stuff.

Things I don't like - it burns my eyes. In fact, one of them has just melted into the cracks in my keyboard. I liked the previous interface. I may be a know-nothing idiot, but to me, it seems like the interface regressed stlyistically to the one before that. Ugly. And it seems to "chug" in the same way as well, whatever that may mean.

Still, if it improves the end-result for the reader, then I guess I must'nt grumble. Now where's the "make funny" button?

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