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[ Tuesday, May 11, 2004 ]

Ding dong, Avalon calling
Starbuck [20:52] Comments: 0 []
I used to play a lot of text adventures on my "personal computer" when I was a kid, back in the days when computer graphics couldn't hope to compete with the imagination. Years later, in the pre-web world of early University, I progressed onto MUDs - many an hour was wasted telnetting into the world of Viking MUD (and, berlimey, a quick Google search, and its still up and running; I tried it again a few years back but my telnet wasn't working, I was too impatient to find another way round, and that was that; Maybe next year.)

I also used to play a lot of dice-based role-playing games as a youngster, and one of the best was Paranoia - mainly because it didn't take itself at all seriously - it was all played for laughs and for the sadistic pleasure of the Gamemaster. And why bother too much with complicated rules if they get in the way of a good jokey set-piece.

So it was with bubbling excitement that I read in some geeky magazine recently that an online version of Paranoia existed - JParanoia. Unfortunately, its not browser-based, and I can't get the bleedin' downloaded software client to work. This has hurt me deeply. And once again impatience has got me by the throat.

So now, to satiate my new-found need for some, any, text-based online adventure game, I've grabbed one out of the Googlesphere at random and without any research - the suitably cliche'd-monickered Avalon, which, importantly, can be played in that lovely bit of java that's no doubt embedded in your own browser. And its already awakened in me that familiar over-excited feeling that these things have always caused me over the last 20 years...

Its really a bit too early to say whether its class or gash as yet, but if you try it yourself, and you see some useless toss-bag by the name of Bait aimlessly wandering around the Avalon universe, then please go easy on the poor bugger...

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