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[ Friday, June 11, 2004 ]

Fake Call Challenge
Starbuck [12:03] Comments: 0 []
Lunchtime yesterday, I found myself walking by the lake at work, mobile phone in hand. I saw someone that I recognised sitting on one of the benches that was looming out of the heat haze ahead, and suddenly felt very self-conscious and insecure, incapable of even attempting any interaction.

So I started talking into my telephone handset, talking to myself, the phone not connected to any other number, but myself not feeling able to connect with my colleague.

And I felt liberated! I started with smalltalk - "yes... you're right.... me too... can't wait.... I'm not sure where to get that..." - just enough to get me passed my associate.

Now, there are benches all along the lakeside, and on a fine day like this, not only were they were all occupied, but there were people sitting along the bank as well.

And I found myself unable to stop speaking to the dead ear of my mobile - it had started as a stupid diversion from a potentially awkward situation, but I was now enjoying this, ramping up the silliness of my snippets of dialogue in the hope that someone might overhear and wonder, tantalised, wtf that bloke can have been talking about - "yes... and then we jumped on their cakes... I know... she rubbed it all over them... and her mother... and then the tortoise came out... you should have seen it fly over the fence". Et cetera.

An incredibly, pointlessly, enjoyable activity. Its lunchtime again as I write, and I think I'll step up to the Fake Call Challenge once more... Try it for yourself today!

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