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[ Wednesday, June 09, 2004 ]

Sloppy Midfield
Stuart [10:02] Comments: 0 []
Do you remember around Christmas time I made an impassioned appeal for people to buy Mad World rather than the Darkness? (if I had my leader's powers of blogness, I could attach a link to that post HERE but I don't and can't)

WELL I find myself doing the same here today in relation to that much-loved genre of record, the football song. Yes, we all love a good football, or football related song, don't we? Who can forget that Terry venables song during the last championship? Or the one by the girls from Page Three? Erm...

Okay then, Gazza doing Fog on the Tyne. NOW we're talking!

ANYWAY, so this time, the official song is more even execrable than usual. It is a reworking of that "baggy" "classic" All Together Now by the Farm. "Remixed" by DJ Spoony, so that it's "down with the kids" presumably. "Remixed" means that he's put the obligatory cheering noises and commentators' comments all over it along with a tinny drum beat. How to make an already s*** song even s****er.

ANYWAY (AGAIN), there is another way. And I don't mean "Come on England", the re-working of "Come on Eileen" (unfortunately, I kid you not, that was released this week too).

NO, the OTHER WAY is Twisted X, with their song "Come on England". I would be lying if I said this was much further up the food chain, as frankly it IS only another football song which will sound REALLY embarrassing when we go out in the second round, BUT it has the following points going for it:

1. It is only £1.99 (official song is £3.99)
2. All proceeds go to charity
3. It's a sort of indie song, with people like the Libertines and the Delays on it
4. It's was created by and is being championed by the best DJ in the land, Christian O'Connell on xfm

Points against it are:

5. As it's xfm, no one oustdie London has probably heard it (hence this post)
6. It's got nasty James Nesbitt on it too.

Anyway, there you are. Use this information as you will. But I would particularly draw your attention to my point 2, and also to the fact that the FARM COULD BE NUMBER ONE! IN 2004! WHICH WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE!!!

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