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[ Monday, June 07, 2004 ]

The secret of good web design...
Starbuck [17:38] Comments: 0 []
... is the positioning of the "fold" - the horizontal level within the browser window where the immediately visible text ends. Ensure that the top of your web page grabs the reader's interest, and keep it clear but enticing, as to keep on reading they're going to have to make a concious effort to click on the scroll bar (or stroke the mouse wheel, or right-click drag the page down, or whatever floats their web-browsing boat). You probably wouldn't bother watching a film if you had to swap DVD's after thirty seconds of a slow-moving title sequence suggesting that the viewer is going to be watching the actor not doing much. In a foreign language. Without subtitles.

With this in mind, I look to the current visual state of the VSX website. Top third of the screen - Google ads & greyscreen. Next third - the Viper Squad Ten banner (plus that ridiculous scrolling effect that only works in IE). Post date, title and author comes next. Which leaves me with just FOUR lines of content to really sell the rest of the site to you, the casual reader.

And if you're still here after all that, there's probably something wrong with you.

So to the hardcore with persistent eyes, I bade you, oo welcome; Oo vudge welcome. In VSX.

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