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[ Thursday, June 03, 2004 ]

Channel Bore
Starbuck [16:31] Comments: 0 []
I'm pleased to say that this time round, Big Brother 5 has pretty much failed to capture my interest. There's been too much water under the televisual bridge since BB4. Although no-one seemed to actually watch it, Five's Back To Reality was miles better than Endemol's efforts - interesting "famous" housemates (they may have been fairly C-list in the celebrity stakes, but that's still 23 lists ahead of the BB lot) made watching their nightly "antics" a whole lot more enjoyable, helped out by their already-defined characterisations and backstories. Or something. Big Brother's bunch of attention-seeking juveniles (to use Kitten's own self-assessment) are just making me angry.

But its not just the celebrity aspect - Celebrity Big Brother also paled in comparison. Big Brother as a concept is just too tightly-constrained - it doesn't flow on screen - and you get the feeling that the production team consists of a bunch of coked-up teenagers down their local pub. Its the televisual equivalent of Bush-Blair's Gulf War 2 plans - badly thought through - "lets try this, see if it works" - lazy television.

Its too painful watching the results of the editors desperate attempts at trying to spin an interesting story out of the previous 24 hours' arseholeitary confinement. If these people were at all interesting, the editors could, like in BTR, just broadcast uninterrupted acres of conversation, and we'd be still wanting more. Christ, the Big Brother lot are so damn annoying that I'll be left wanting as much Davina McCall air-time as possible on the Friday night show. And that's something I'd never thought I'd say...

I'm still probably going to end up accidentally watching every episode, however.

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