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[ Tuesday, June 01, 2004 ]

Sub-editorial subtleties
Starbuck [10:50] Comments: 0 []
My content on this site is in theory bolstered by my two Sub-Editors, fellow ex-Radio Redland star and Best Man-to-be DJ Tim, and hot-shot (or something like that) legal eagle Stu, providing you, the valuable reader, with a "balanced" range of views.

And although Stu's posts have been a semi-regular and much0loved VSX fixture, DJ Tim's output has fallen below parr somewhat - I figured that he must've felt he couldn't top his last incisive, in-depth essay from a whopping 4 months ago. I had reckoned that he'd burnt himself out on that one...

Now that ridiculous scrolling marquee message at the top of the page doesn't work in my browser of choice, Firefox, so this might have been done a long time ago without me noticing.

But firing up the site in Internet Explorer at work today, and what do I see up there - subliminal references to RR and Watford Football Club. There can be only one...

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