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[ Saturday, June 19, 2004 ]

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. For your enjoyment, there now follows some hyperlinked entertainment, courtesy of our friends in the blogosphere.

First up is an "emulator" of the new OS of choice, Windows RG (Really Good Edition). Being a Windows Me user, I can't really see much difference... Chucklesome rating 6.5. (Link from Whats The Story)

That's me on the left! Portrait Illustration Maker allows you to piece together gif portrait icons of yourself from the parts provided. Looks to be especially useful if you are of South East Asian appearance. (Link from Nice Guy UK) has, wait for it, a popup test - interestingly, the Google Toolbar for IE does let some of them through. Firefox, however, seems secure against all of the techniques used. (Link spotted a while back at Evil Robot Maffy's place)

New to the blog-roll is Random Acts of Reality, "a blog based in London, England, written by an E.M.T working for the London Ambulance Service". An interesting read.

And whilst I'm blog-rolling, I've now finally added to the list Richard Herring - officially the Worlds Funniest Man to have starred in This Morning With Richard Not Judie and Fist of Fun. Apart from Stewart Lee. And their cohorts.

That's enough pleasure portals for now.

20 June Update: I take that last innuendo back. Further links also immortalised on the site: Mr Biffo, World of Stuart, Kieren Gillen's Workblog, and The Weekly. These people are indirectly responsible for the Title of yesterday's "column", though I won't get into that now. (If I was a bandmember of hairy rockers Monster Magnet, I'd probably say that "its a Satanic drug thing, you wouldn't understand"; crazy mofos.) Whilst my finger is still removed from the link funnel, and since I unexpectedly seem to have been mining the strata of former computer game journalists for precious hyperlinks within this paragraph, I've also etched Way of The Rodent onto the template. And not before time.

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