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[ Tuesday, June 15, 2004 ]

Do the right thing
Starbuck [21:14] Comments: 0 []
Sometimes its hard to do the right thing...

My regular reader(s) will know that I am betrothed to be married. Of this I am very excited.

The more observant reader will also be aware that I do not have belief in a God, or the supernatural in general. Those who believe otherwise should accept that this does not make me a bad person; personally, I know that this has made me a much better person than I would otherwise have been.

Very astute readers will also have an inkling that I am a procrastinator extroadinaire.

So it is with much relief that the wedding plans are now beginning to move along a little more naturally.

I'd had some difficulty over the whole "church" thing. The church which we had considered was the one in the village where my parents have lived for most of my lifetime on this planet, and their home is my second home. That church has seen a lot of my life pass through it - family weddings, family funerals. And although I'm not religious, it seemed natural to want to get married there rather than any other location; tradition and ritual dictated it - it was just a part of my family's heritage, I suppose.

Furthermore, my family are on the whole religious souls, and I guess that a part of me wanted to do what was best for everyone, especially considering the difficult year that they have been through.

It was nothing to do with it being a beautiful early-Norman building dating from around 1100, complete with groovemarks worn into the walls from medieval times, when bow-men on Sunday archery practice would sharpen their arrows against the church walls, and of course there was no connection with its equisitely beautiful riverside location... gah! Just check out the venue that we're missing out on...

But no, since we've decided to hold strong and go with our hearts, everything feels so much better. We'd have been lieing to ourselves and to our guests if we had a church wedding, and I personally felt pretty uncomfortable about the prospect - we'd have been starting our married life together on a deception, from a position directly opposed to my own strong viewpoint. And it would make a mockery of the true faith of those in attendance who do believe, and thats not something I want to do.

Deciding to hold a civil ceremony has removed the stumbling block, and hesitation has turned to anticipation... roll on next Springummer!

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