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[ Sunday, August 15, 2004 ]

Group Hug
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(peers through bloodshot eyes at the VDU, wincing at the harshness of the glare)

Feeling a little hungover today. The highspot for my mind today was falling asleep in the light rain, the sound of a fountain washing against one ear, bird calls falling against the other. Feeling quite vapid. Vacuous. But I have to write.

The reason - somewhere in my aching consciousness there's a pleasure centre circuit still buzzing from last night.

I had a close group of friends whilst at school, and I'm lucky that the unit is still in touch 13 years down the line. We might not meet together as a group that often - Christmas Eve seems to be our one regular date - but when we do, we're the same bunch of kids as we were all those years ago.

And last night we all (minus one) converged on the Midlands from the four corners of England. I'd say that the whole thing was like an episode of Friends (except we're not American and no contrived comedic situations occurred) or Cold Feet (except I've never seen it, and maybe its not at all like that after all). A marvellous evening.

Things are shifting within the lives of our group. One of our number - Charlie - is moving to Israel/Palestine to teach. This was the instigating factor for the evening - a goodbye celebration at the pub where we used to do bad karaoke more than a decade ago.

Mike (aka Viper Squad Ten The Band's guitarist/co-vocalist Commander Aardvark, the chimaeric alien-human clone who's piss-poor piloting skills crashed our space-ship in this godforsaken era) and his lovely girlfriend Abi are also just about to embark on an eight-month tour of Europe, Morocco and South America followed by emigration to Australia. So it was goodbye from me, and it was goodbye from him. Matt (who's bad acting in our self-made horrorest of horror films - Hormone Hell - makes him the Joey of the group; Joey from Friends, as opposed to Joey Deacon) is also likely to be relocating to Oz sometime next year. And so, perhaps, is Trish. What's with these people? Haven't these people seen Bodymelt (Harold Bishop from Neighbours' finest hour)? Its a dangerous place!

Another of the tectonic plates set in motion last night was Tara announcing that she's with-child (fabulous news!), let alone mine and Mrs Starbuck's impending nuptials.

All in all an eventful evening. I don't usually write too much personal stuff like this on these pages, as you (the reader) are unlikely to know these people (unless, in fact, you do). But I'm going to miss these people's close physical proximity (even if our frequency of acquaintance is already pretty low). And although I wish that we could met up more often, its heartening to know that however much things change, nothing ever changes between us.

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