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[ Wednesday, August 11, 2004 ]

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As a website owner, I'm sure I'm not alone in obsessing about how my baby looks to the outside world, the window being those evil Search Engines (and to see how Google sees YOUR site, visit the Poodle Predictor).

A day isn't complete without a quick check on Google for "Viper Squad Ten" and "fatcityarizona". Being a boring sod, I actually find it interesting to observe how VSX gets buffetted around by the ebb and flow of search engine algorhythms. I am a nightmare.

However, I was a bit shocked today to see that the VSX main page ( has dropped off the Google index, despite apparently having a Google PageRank of 5. The URL is listed, but without a title or description, and no Cache. Shiver. It may be on the index, but it hasn't been indexed.

I reckon its a conspiracy. Google, wanting to dampen down the information-overloading effect of weblogs on the net, buys Blogger. Blogger introduces a page-per-post feature, creating an unseemly mass of low-value links within a site. Each donor link gets devalued and most internal pages get wiped from the cache-list. The influence of blog noise on search-results is thus filtered. 500 diffuse pages packs a lot less punch than 10 content-filled archives.

OK, maybe not. Maybe I shouldn't have unlocked my Javascript-protected archives over the weekend. Or maybe I simply shouldn't have signposted some links in a recent post with the spamful word "LINK". Maybe the Googlebots have started to penalise some perceived reciprocal linking between blogrolled writers. Maybe they've started viewing us in the same way that they view link farms.

Or maybe it was just a glitch in their matrix.

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