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[ Sunday, August 08, 2004 ]

Reading your blogs...
Starbuck [19:59] Comments: 0 []
... so you don't have to. Publicising some interesting links that have ended up as electronic desktop yellow stickies on my desktop over the last few weeks.

Firstly, a Flash version of platform classic Castlevania to enjoy in your very own browsers exists HERE. Whatever next? Well, how about a Flash version of Street Fighter from the same people? Marvellous - sweet nostalgia! (Couldn't get the fighters to appear in Firefox, but works a treat in IE). Thanks to NiceGuyUK for the original Castlevania link...

Thanks also to NGUK for pointing me to the Random Personal Picture Finder, "which makes random filenames using the prefixes used by popular digital cameras and adding a random number, then feeding this into Google Image Search." As you'd expect, you end up with a collection of unconnected images from a cross-section of websites...

More sophisticated types might want to play Mousebreaker, a stick cricket game spotted by the Iron Monkey. I am extremely bad at it.

A rather wonderful web toy is typoGenerator, which can be used to create stylish and artistic images for people like me without style or artistry. Apparently, after you have typed in some text, "typoGenerator searches for the text and creates a background from the found images, using randomly chosen effects; then it places the text, using random effects too." I saw this one at Third Daughter's blog.

Similarly useful for decorating your own blogs may be Graffiti Creator, which once can use to, erm, create grafitti. Random fact - Sub-editor DJ Tim's tag used to be Traxco. If you have Traxco scrawled across your house then you now know who to blame. Link spotted at What's The Story.

Oh, and like Billy, when my death comes I will be crushed by a giant duck. What about you?

Finally, some blogs likely to soon hit the blogroll. After The Debauchery, proving that my life isn't the most interesting life in the world after all. And, more locally, shakespeare wuz 'ere and The Word..., which somewhat confusingly are the same person, Lawn Greengrass.

Sigh. I feel quite overcome by all that. I must go and have a lie down in a link-free room.

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