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[ Tuesday, August 10, 2004 ]

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Towards the end of last month I read a article (LINK) in the paper about self-harm from a former harmer. Written by Nick Johnstone, whose regular fortnightly column (Blue Notes) about living with depression deserves a far larger audience than the G2 section of the Guardian, it was a necessary response to the recent well-meaning but fundamentally-flawed report by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Having myself reached calm and placid waters after some years on the turbulent seas of life, his words hit home. For anyone who can't understand what continues to drive people to such lengths, he gives the reason for such behaviour quite succinctly: "People do it to feel better, the injury triggering a release of endorphins, bringing a much-needed "high" in the midst of depression or other mental illness." That and control; in some ways its also not so far removed from eating-disorders.

A few days later I was incensed to read in the same paper another article (LINK) putting an anonymous doctor's opinion on this matter. I know that doctors are only human. I guess that that makes some of them misguided.

I would comment more, but Johnstone's response (LINK) today says it as well as anyone could. Read his words.

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