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[ Monday, September 06, 2004 ]

Care in the communit-E
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I'd like to publically thank a couple of VSX readers who's recent emails have caused much excited living-room jigging Chez Starbuck.

Firstly, a thousand felicitations to Lawn Greengrass for his honeymoon advice on Kefalonia, following up the whisky-stained enquiries about the island that I'd spewed onto one of his blogs. Although my memories of the original net session are hazy to say the least, I was delighted to get his feedback on this potential honeymoon hotspot.

However, going well and truly beyond the call of duty is NiceGuyUK. Just over a week ago I lamented my lack of success at finding some sort of freeware timer download that would continually recalculate the fraction of the working day still remaining. Desperate, I was...

When NGUK advised he would take up the mantle of coding such a thing, my pulse quickened. And today, when I found that it is finished, I literally wet myself (not literally). His workday remaining calculator "calculates the percentage of your working day that has elapsed, with configurable start and end times..."

My life is now complete. Now I can watch as hometime gets closer great chunks at a time. Download it for yourself from NiceGuy's blog HERE.

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