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[ Friday, September 03, 2004 ]

Puppy Fat
Stuart [15:46] Comments: 0 []
Hello there. I have not written for ages, for which I apologise (at least to the Top Dog anyhow). I've been busy at work you see, and also with preparing for my mega-imminent wedding! Just over two weeks to go now; I don't quite believe it. And yesterday myself and my future wife received a 'keep it free' card for Starbuck! How brilliant! I have 'kept it free' in the manner of someone not evening registering the date scrawled on the card. However, my trusty social secretary will do the honours in that regard, and tell me a few weeks before when the big day is. There is much nuptial-based excitement all round!

Anyway, what else is new? Prodigy album - it's not all that. I Robot - that's better than I expected. You cannae deny, Blade Runner comparisons noted, that some of it was more inventive and intelligent than most blockbusters. What about all the old robots in their metal crates? Very good! (but a bit stupid - why not just mash them?) I'm seeing Embrace tonight. The last gig before the wedding. The last gig before I'm a husband! Ha, how weird. (Christ aren't married types simply PAINFUL?)

The first gig I'll be going to AFTER being married is Motorhead, which I think is fitting in an oldest swinger in town kinda way. Hopefully Lemmy will 'Shake My Blood' - ooh ha ha, Probot reference.

I saw Jesu, the new band from Mr Godflesh (R.I.P) which was very disappointing as the sound was bad and they had technical problems. But I bought the EP (available now) and it's REALLY good. Two twenty minute songs that are actually (dare I say, at the risk of sounding like Starbuck)...quite beautiful. In places. In other places they're quite horrible. But I played one to Kathryn last nighht and she sat through it without ripping the cables from the speakers, which is heartening. She was drunk though.

Sigh. What's it all about eh?

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