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[ Friday, August 27, 2004 ]

This is your life...and its ending one minute at a time
Starbuck [12:48] Comments: 0 []
The Friday before a public holiday weekend. Sitting in my office at work. And the day is dragging.

I've been counting the minutes, inwardly welcoming every grain of sand that slips through the hourglass of my life. My remaining timespan may be shortening, each and every breath being one inhalation closer to my last, but by proportion I'm travelling along the timeline of today a hell of a lot faster..

Now and then I calculate the percentage of my time at work now behind me. Elapsed time / Total time x 100. 0.22 % per minute. Its amazing how large each of these minimal incremental increases seem when you're willing the time away. Whilst my life is ending in infinitesimal increments, great chunks are being torn out of today by the second.

I've been looking for some sort of freeware download or online counter that will continually calculate the fraction of the working day that is remaining. No luck. Zilch for Windows. However, the upshot is that the whole searching process ate into a massive 6.67% (recurring) of my working hours. Result.

Time ticks on...

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