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[ Friday, September 03, 2004 ]

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Knowing that not everyone shares the same beliefs as me, I try to hold myself back from being too politically evangelical on this site, though God knows I despise the worst traits of rightwing conservatism. And although a good proportion of Americans live in happy ignorance, blinded by the fog of hype and propaganda that Karl Rove and his cronies churn out out, I mustn't condescend a nation by ignoring that there ARE good people on the left who question the lies to the right (for example, the Bush Lies blog please take a bow).

I love America as a place and on the whole I love the American people. Maybe that is why it hurts to see them being so cynically maniupulated - if only they could see their reality the way that most of the world can. Notwithstanding the danger and damage that a rogue administration brings to this world of ours.

I guess that we are pretty much all cynically manipulated, wherever we live. Its just that a lot of peoples aren't so fiercely dependent on their fix of patriotism and self-belief. Its the American Way that magnifies the problem.

I only write all this right now having been spurred on by something that was on the front page (and much of the inside) of the Independent newspaper today - Bush By Numbers: Four Years of Double Standards (an extract from Graydon Carter's "What We've Lost"), which indisputably makes clear the truth of what the Bush administration is all about in a list of 200 numerical facts. It may be a long list and you may have heard a lot of it before, but persevere. Its the weight of the thing that hits you.

But that's enough "serious stuff" for now. Let me tell you about what's been on my internal jukebox today. Its something that my sadistic subconscious has dreamt up - "Philip Schofield and his amazing technicolour head-coat" (with apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber). "It was red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ocher and peach..." There, isn't that better?

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