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[ Wednesday, August 25, 2004 ]

Bits and pieces, bits and pieces
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No incisive editorial content today, I'm feeling too antisocial. Just a few stupid odds and sods instead, with the VSX Random Stuff Awards. But wait, those two sentences were in effect editorial - buggeration! Enough of these digressions... we continue...

Unusual surname of the week
- Cumberpatch! Spotted during the course of my work, and no doubt belonging to a family of hobbits.

Freeware download of the week
- (though, being a biggie of a download, it'd perhaps be better off as PC-magazine-DVD-freebie or BitTorrent partial-download of the week). I'm too damn honest to have a cracked copy of Microsoft Office on my home machine, and MS Works just doesn't work too well. However having just started using OpenOffice at home I won't have to retort to stealing from poor Microsoft to get my life in order, and what would normally be some fairly haphazard wedding arrangements have already been nicely streamlined by the rather sleek Excel-compatible spreadsheet software. C'mon Microsoft users, you know it makes sense - stick it to The Man!

Histrionic roadside sign of the week
- S.O.S. emblazened on emergency telephones. "Save our souls"? A little over the top, methinks. Christ, what do they think's going to happen to the poor sods who've broken down? It should just read DON'T PANIC!

Creeping net annoyance of the week
- the feeling that the Sponsored Links column to the right of the Google search results page continues to ever-widen in girth. Look, we know its there, we're well practiced at ignoring the right third of the screen unless we so desire otherwise, but those brown-envelope links are getting a bit intrusive, squeezing the rest of the search results just a little too much. And don't even think about checking the Google option to "open results in a new window", thick-head.

Downright infuriating net annoyance of the week
- denial of service attacks directed against my workplace, resulting in these words being published 9 hours late.

Newly blogrolled site of the week (for what its worth) - Psychbloke. He teaches Psychology. He lives round my old manor. He blogs. What more do you need to know?

Film of the week - Shrek 2 (all the better for the lack of suffix). A wonderful piece of cinema. Although these new-fangled CGImation thingummies hurt my head a bit at the cinema. Because I know that every single pixel was placed exactly where it is by design (he says, conveniently sweeping over the procedurally-generated pixels), my eyes end up focusing all the more on the entire canvas of the screen, not wanting to miss a single stroke of artistry. Non-animated images in movies just "are", and I can relax my eyes somewhat more...

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