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[ Monday, September 20, 2004 ]

Flash Flash Revolution; Kemp
Starbuck [21:03] Comments: 0 []
I found my first conker (horse chestnuts to those not in the know) lieing on the ground today. A nice shiney round one; a potential sixer I'd say. "Ahh", I breathed to myself, "autumn is finally here". Aside from I didn't, obviously, as that would make me an incredibly twee individual; twee with a silent "t". However, I was immediately filled with the warmth of autumnal childhood nostalgia. Playing Conkers in the playground (for those not in the know, a duel of sorts involving horse chestnuts threaded through with string), jumpers for goalposts and dog-shit on the knees, the joy of pretending to be eagles and robots during playtime, the hopeless anxiety of still not having done one's homework at bedtime on a Sunday night...

Not having a fellow conker-player to hand, I thought I'd turn to the interweb for an electronic version. Sorted - a link from Milk and Cookies. Bugger - it didn't work.

But what I did find, somehow, was a Flash version of Dance Dance Revolution, namely FlashFlashRevolution, which you can unsuprisingly play in your browser at And its rather fracking nice, when both it and I are functioning as we should. I'm incredibly bad at the arcade version, losing all brain-limb coordination as soon as I ascend the podium, despite being a sheet-hot dancer in normal life (no, really), but there doesn't seem to be the same paralysing effects with finger-flicking within my hall-cupboard PC bolthole.

During my mission for Conkers-on-the-web, I also stumbled across something from the other end of the interactive website spectrum - Ross Kemp's Staring Challenge. I can't begin to tell you how much this made me laugh...

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