Viper Squad Ten

[ Saturday, September 11, 2004 ]

Starbuck [01:09] Comments: 0 []
staring in the face of condemnation
laughter fills the sky instead of rain

live my life alone in resignation
arms outstretched for those who cannot see

I've been meaning to check out My Pet Skeleton's "A Murder of Scarecrows" over at for a while now. But it's taken a sleepy girlfriend and a gutful of whiskey to get here.

crucified and left in isolation
pictures of our lost morality

And what a beautifully presented and addictive little flash game it is. And oh so eerie. I'd hang it up on my wall if I could. Nothing complicated in the gameplay - launch seeds from the treetops against the three haunted scarecrows in order to disturb them into movement and minimise the destruction the crows can cause to them. But a very classy outing. And a fitting selection of music streaming from Skeleton Radio whilst you're playing, as well.

eyeless stares invite this whole damnation
rotting corpse of inhumanity

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