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[ Wednesday, September 22, 2004 ]

#Here comes the lard, short fat and wide#
Starbuck [13:31] Comments: 0 []
Weddings, eh? Dontcha just love them? Uncle Starbuck does, as attested by my Comments following my old friend Stu's wedding. It really was a lovely day, and I am happy to say that the only remnants of the alcoholic excesses are a disappeared knuckle (I've no idea how it happened, but one of my knuckles had sunk into its socket overnight!) and a badly aching arm.

I must say that the food at the reception was probably the most delicious that I've ever tasted - truly wonderful. Which might've been a problematic comparison last night, when a large proportion of my own-prospective wedding top-table high-tailed it to the venue where I myself am getting married next year, our mission to road-test a couple of the wedding menus.

Luckily you pretty much can't go wrong with a coke float, chicken kiev and chips, followed by a banana split...

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