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[ Monday, August 23, 2004 ]

Wot no Burberry?
Starbuck [20:22] Comments: 0 []
I hate that burberry baseball cap/fake Mr T chain scum-sucker yob look that has been infecting small town Britain. No, really, I absolutely HATE it. If these islands are dumbing down, then this truely is the de rigeur clown uniform.

Being slightly decrepit and behind the times, Uncle Starbuck didn't realise there was a name for these people. Until now. The name is chav.

I'd never made the connection the few times I'd heard "chav" fleetingly mentioned on the radio. But the chucklesome website ChavScum ("a field guide to Britains burgeoning peasant underclass") has clarified everything. (Thanks to The Word for this 14 carat link.)

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