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[ Sunday, January 23, 2005 ]

The wedding gift list - commercialistic crack for shopophobes
Starbuck [17:37] Comments: 0 []
There are some of us who don't like shopping. And there are others who utterly detest shopping. I am one of the latter. Its not that I don't enjoy foraging for goods - I like a good rummage for store-based niceties as much as the next (wo)man, its just the guilt of purchasement that prevents any commercial fulfillment. Even a trip to FOPP, the greatest record shop known to Man (well, this man), is tainted with the stain of stingeyness.

So it was with feelings of sheer unexpurgated joy that I ran round John Lewis this weekend with a "zapper", scanning in items for our wedding gift list, because "although we would not expect to receive a gift, and the presence of our friends and family at our wedding would be a present in itself, should anyone wish to give a little something then blah blah blah".

Guilt-free extravagant over-shopping with no negative consequences (or even the guarantee of receiving the item in the first place)... marvellous!

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