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[ Friday, March 25, 2005 ]

Easter Bunny fun *
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Ah, the Easter Bank Holiday weekend - a four day public holiday to celebrate that Christ is risen! Alleluia!

The Easter festivities are actually a bit lame for those of us not sharing a belief in the supernatural. However we can still appreciate the arrival of Spring (ah! the sweet smell of freshly cut grass! the warming rays of the sun!), not forgetting the FOUR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY (if you don't work Saturdays). And to help fuel the celebration, today's commercial purchases include: "Funeral" by Arcade Fire, "Employment" by the Kaiser Chiefs, "Kasabian" by Kasabian, and "Hot Fuss" by The Killers (Amazon reviews HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, grandpa), as well as some flowers and a bottle of Glenfiddich Special Reserve. Nice.

But you're not interested in that, you're interested in what I can do for you. And what I can do for you, guvnor, is supply you with some Easter-flavoured webgames to incorporate into your own festivities. So what have I got hidden under my Easter bonnet for you today?

First up its one for the all the old gits out there. Its a full-screen (nearly) emulation of classic 8-bit egg-based platformer Chuckie Egg. A lovely slice of nostalgic quiche for play within the confines of your webbrowser. Those of you of a more daring bent may wish to download Chuckie Egg - The Next Batch, an interesting homebrew C21 revisioning of the game with better graphics but worse music (warning: the original contained no music).

There's no explicit Easter connection that I can find with Boulderdash. However I used to love this game on the Spectrum as a kid, and having seen the online emu whilst "researching" Chuckie Egg I thought I'd link to it here for future self-reference. Its a selfish business, this blogging lark.

A bit more relevant is Easter Eggin', a poorly-titled and thinly-veiled Gold Miner clone where instead of gold its eggs that you are a-grabbing. Still as fun as ever, mind.

And since the true meaning of Easter is apparently capsulated within the oval, thin-shelled reproductive body of a bird, here's a link to The Amazing Dare-Dozen, part of the impressive Orisinal's impressive oeuvre. Simplistically addictive.

As is High Delivery, somewhat lacking in Easter imagery, but a lovely piece of interactive artistry that taxes those well-furrowed hand/eye-coordination pathways. It's not exactly festive, but I'm disseminating it by way of a belated Valentine's Day link. Rather wonderful.

So there you go. Some nuggets of gaming beauty hidden amongst the banal ugliness of the interweb brought to you with minimal editorial effort. Enjoy.

* Games may not feature actual Easter Bunnys

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Comment by Blogger 3rd daughter, at March 28, 2005 12:49 pm  :

eek!! i'm addicted to easteregging now!!

how do you feel about the killers? i got a little obsessive after the first play and listened to it about a million times. i still love it...

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