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[ Thursday, March 17, 2005 ]

Comment backup
Starbuck [20:39] Comments: 0 []
ORANGE ALERT! In times of emergency the powers that be sometimes find themselves making rash decisions. And because the Blogger service has been a bit patchy lately, especially in terms of the availability of Commenting, I have decided to revert my decision to hide the Haloscan Commenting tool from VSX behind a wall of whitespace (greenspace?).

So if you're inflamed enough to want to rant about some of the drivel on this site but you can't click through on the Comments links, try clicking on the [!] symbol (or replacement text) instead.

Just be aware that you're opinions will NOT be immortalised as the free version of Haloscan hides Comments when they reach four months of age. The cheapskate bastids.

(Blogger users - remember to keep an eye on Blogger Status to find out what the problems are just that little bit too late to help!)

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