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[ Tuesday, April 05, 2005 ]

Starbuck [17:50] Comments: 0 []
Ugh! Within the last hour I've had both arms shot full of immunogen.

It always seems too easy as the needle sinks under the skin - no pain whatsoever. Not now, as the harmless antigen spreads throughout my drugstream... that uncomfortable feeling of swelling that seems to be coming from my brainstem... that woozy, flu-like sensation knocking my mind off kilter... that dull, almost subliminal nausea rising up from the very pit of my stomach...

As the Nurse said at the surgery, you should stick to Bognor in the future. She also told me an amusing story about a gentleman bringing along a urine sample within a hot water bottle, but I'm sure many of us do that anyway for kicks...

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